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About Us and Our Philosophy

Person to Person Collaboration

Our Philosophy | Mark Cesal | P72 Creative Agency

To get the best quality work, you need to be involved. Mark Cesal and P72 Creative Agency believe that the best work comes from recognizing the clients needs and delivering focused, relevant, and creative content. P72 Creative Agency believes the best way to achieve this is asking the right qualifying questions, listening to your needs, and close collaboration during the creative process.

Mark Cesal has a simple and effective philosophy: get to know you. Face-to-face meetings are encouraged, and your input will be appreciated and used in all of our design to ensure the message, your message, is loud and clear.

We will be patient and understanding and we ask the right qualifying questions that will get right to the core message you want to deliver to your customer base.

Mark Cesal brings over 10 years of professional graphic design and web design experience and another 15 years of retail experience that will show through on every project, every meeting, and every conversation we have.

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What is P72?

What is P72 | Psyclone 72 Studios

P72 Creative Agency originated while I was at the Art Institute of Seattle studying for my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. It started as a branding exercise in one of my classes. The name was Psyclone 72 Studios then. As the business developed I decided to shorten the name to just P72.

So, why Psyclone 72? Well, there is a good story behind that, and it takes place way back in high school. You see, back when I was a junior in high school I was interested in design. I had this jean jacket that I really liked and I wanted to give myself an identity. So in my drafting class I found out that the store room closet was left open and that it was filled with all these art supplies. So I snuck some paint out and decided to paint the back of my jacket. I thought it would be very cool to have “Psycho” written on there. I painted the letters and proudly wore my jacket through school.

It was not until a couple of days later as I walked the halls that another classmate made fun by calling me “Fico”. I wondered why he did that and looked at my jacket in class, not understanding. I looked up the word “psycho” in the dictionary and realized that I had spelled the word wrong when I painted it on my jacket. So instead of “Psycho” I had painted on “Phyco”. I had made a big mistake, ruined my cool jean jacket, and made a fool of myself.

When it came time to come up with my logo for my own business, I went back to that reminder of the misspelled “Psycho” and combined it with “Cyclone” because at the time I considered myself kind of unpredictable and spontaneous to come up with “Psyclone”.

The 72? That’s easy and not as interesting, that is the year I was born.

Create your own story…

Mark Cesal

Owner and Creative Director

Mark Cesal | Creative Director | P72 Creative Agency

After busting my chops in the Bicycle Industry for 12 years, racing professional mountain bikes, and dabbling in graphic design on the side, I went to college and got my Associate’s Degree in Digital Design. After working retail management at Trek Bicycle Stores for almost 5 years, I made the big decision and quit working in retail and told myself I would be a graphic designer.

After a tense few months of unemployment and freelance work I landed my first full-time design position at House of Wu and then was lured from there back to Trek Bicycle Store as their full-time Strategic Brand Manager. I happily did this position from home for over 4 years and was a one-man team creating all the print, web, and social content for this 9-store retail chain across South Florida and North Carolina.

During this time I also was responsible for creating and implementing training and standardization programs to use throughout our 9 locations to help to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as well as creating and managing a standardized look and feel for all visual communications throughout the company.

Now I am the lead web developer and graphic designer for a local marketing agency and the owner and creative director of P72 Creative Agency.

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